Adventures of the Adamant Owlbears

Recent Events

So as requested by Tannon I followed him to Pike’s beach to be the envoy of Caleah and escort them to the city.
Count Gostor : Count of Southgate
Lucian Askamar: Baron to Count Gostor, Commander ofthe Fangtakers
Olan Faerveren: Heir Count of Count Gostor of Southgate
Fenris Silversage: Fangtaker under Baron Askamar
Virion Malgath: Second to Heir Count Faerveren – I think

These are the most notable names I have met thus far. In my time with them I have learned that the three, Olan, Fenris and Virion, are familiar with the “saint” whom did visit Pike’s beach. I have confirmed that the woman in question left messages for the three. The priestess of Caleah on Pike’s beach did openly preach that she witnessed the fight of Saint Caleah and a demon. Upon defeating the demon the Saint Caleah was descended upon by her fellow Saints and taken back to the Heavens. From gauging the crowd most were intrigued by the saint and made offerings to the Saint statue. The questions standing are: Was this a true Saint? and what are her ties to the three men; Olan, Fenris and Virion. Two of them did read their letters, Virion how ever was blank.

Our return to the city was marred by undead. The bodies where filled with a worm like creature of which I have a sample upon request. After examining the corpses there insides ONLY consisted of the worms.

Olan is inquisitive about the state of the city and doesn’t seem to understand the nature of our situation. Virion stays closely to his side. Fenris seems to have accompanied his commander..

The Count openly talks about what might be heresy. I am not familiar with Elven culture and could be misunderstanding them. The count might not be who he appears to be. This is unconfirmed.

Arriving at Caleah

So we arrived here at this…city. Peh, walled graveyard more like it. Met a few people after landing on the beach tho, a very strange elf, a women and a dwarf. They were suppose to be our “greeting party”, very insulting..i was pissed.
Oh, we did get to see a priest of Caleah, faida if you don’t remember. Says she saw faida before she died to her demon, poor girl. I am just glad she got to see a priest of the sculptor before she died. Tell you the truth…if she only would of listened to me, maybe even i dunno didnt brush off my advances, she would be here right now.
Anyways, so this city…They make it out like a big whoopie doo but they won’t even let us into the “peasant” part of it…peasant these people practice paid slavery! These dwarves are so stuck up, especially the one who met us at the beach, Tanon. We got into a bit of a fight, with his entitlement and not respecting me rank or maybe he was just very jealous of my talent. We are fine now, i totally bff’d him and his dad, Oh my gosh, i also talked to the women, Kikka davworth and got her dad, THE MAYOR on our side. You wouldn’t believe everything i am doing over here, im telling you its a+ work mom.
where was i, ah! We are winning the peasants hearts and doing some good here, the meeting went well with fenris acting as Count. He has shown true dedication to our cause and his level head has kept the peace. We are now helping them with “demon” problems, another mark on the chalkboard eh mom? Well, virion just got home and i think he wants to talk about how it went tonight..i hope he doesn’t try and cuddle again. BY the way! send money when you can, and when is my brother coming? He doesn’t get to just sit this out!
With all my kisses and prayers from the moon, i wish you a good journey.
Your loving son, Olan


If you ever come across a demon, please know that they are the masters of their trade.

Getting back to the Prime...
Difficult or long?

Once we realized we couldn’t return to our world the way we came we had to think about what the next move was. Chi Chi gave us a glimmer of hope that we could pass through a weak point between planes but we needed to find one. We knew of one but it was very far away and the risk of us being gone for too long was great within this realm. We realized that Hags tend to create homes near weak points and we just so happen to be only a day away from Granny, if this plane was a copy of ours. We traveled with few disturbances and eventually came to the same location of granny’s home on this plan. It had definitely been used by her daughters and we gained many material items from the home.* Granny seemed delighted it what we had for her but her demeanor towards me was just the same, cold and unwelcoming.* As we split items up and took stock of what we had, Fenris told me not to read the black book because it could be dangerous. I placed it and the index of memories in my bag. I didn’t wish for granny to have them. We need to rest and granny obliged as she has done before and I waited till everyone slept to open the books.*

How to find an intern...
you must think like one

Relum joined the party and we finally got some sleep. Tracking down his interns was not as bad as I thought. The boys were fleeing from a bear which Fenris intimidated the shit out of. The small girl was being held by a troll and Edeneth wanted to play hero. Relum gave us insight on his last missing intern’s behavior. She most likely would have tried to save Relum…. Which could mean she went back to the fissure where we found him.* As we walked back to the fissure and again to the room with the portal we found it active. With no trace of Edeneth we had to decide if we move forward or prepare. Virian leapt in as he made up his mind and we were right behind him.
Where we ended up was nothing like we imagined. The tress were dimly lit with the corpses of pixies. The trees stood tall and black as if they had been chard and are a constant reminder of death. Moving forward, a familiar face appeared. Alvis stood before us as a rotting corpse beckoning us. I couldn’t stand the sight of him.* as one of us touched him he dissipated and my vision became blurry.* Every one stood as if they were in a trance. One by one they regained their senses and we moved forward. Fenris heard talking ahead of us and we cautiously approached a clearing where Edeneth was being held captive by a hag.* Well I hoped the plan was to run but the hags planned to fight. With everyone working together we were able to wipe out some of their forces. I unfortunately gained the hag attention before I was ready to defend myself and took another blow to my leg. While the hags forces took the brunt of the damage, they decided it was time for them to leave. We were unable to stop them but Edeneth was safe.*

Baby Chief
Death smells better

Once we reached Granny we were able to assess the gems collected from the mines and what she needed to enchant items that would help us.* She seemed to have what she needed except for the items we wished to have enchanted. Olan gave a bracelet, Virian a tooth, Fenris a ring, and I trusted her with my holy symbol.* We parted from her again with the hafling, Casos. We moved on to dealing with the giants, as they could be allies or foes we could deal with now. They were not hard to find between the broken trees and stench. Dumb as any bipedal creature could be but they at least are easily amused and don’t understand magic. As we wished to ally with them we had to prove we were worth and Olan was charged with challenging their chief. Upon his failure Fenris stepped up and challenged the chief to a second fight. Fenris was able to enlarge himself to get on a more even field. With the old Chief’s defeat, Fenris became the new chief of our “allies”. Cade and I were very eager to leave the Giants as soon as we could, for he was afraid of being eaten and I wasn’t sure how long my stomach could hold out. Fenris told his new tribe he was going out to find a “big hunt” and we would be back, unfortunately. As the night settled in we found a cozy spot near the river where we could wash of the stench. As the others bathed I took it upon myself to start a fire. It seemed easy enough but I lack the patience and struck it to start. They returned and I walked down to relax to the cool waters that ran from the mountain. I was disturbed once but it didn’t matter as the voices started increasing the quieter the night became.
As I returned their seemed to be some clamor between the men but I am so distracted by what I have experienced so far. As the night keeps forward and everyone settles in the voices return.* I was awoken by Fenris yelling out but when I lifted my head he wasn’t in the camp. I woke everyone else up asking if they had seen him. No one was able to answer me so we set off to find him. Unfortunately, something got to him before us and the trail lead to a fissure in the mountain. I was able to break the darkness with daylight and we found both Fenris and Olan’s father. We fought to free them both from their captors and Relum disclosed he was in the company of his interns when the creatures attacked.

The Mountain
Too much Shit

We part from the Barony towards the mountain above Freymore. I hoped we would be going to the Thane sooner rather than later but this trip is important to Fenris. Not too far into our trip we come across Fangtaker’s, unexpectedly. Seeming to be innocent of what Olan thought they were guilty of… Fenris sent them along. Hopefully the Baron would know what to do with them.
The mountain journey was not a treacherous as we first thought the path was difficult but I wasn’t too sure of where we were headed. After a life time of riding and walking to who knows where we cam across a cave which seemed to be occupied. We are on the look out for hags the resided on this mountain and suspicion immediately rose. A middle aged woman greeted us and was polite enough to let us in her home. The items adorning her home was quite odd and she kept well stocked on lambs. Olan was being his usually charming self and openly took what she had to offer us. I was nervous because of what Fenris implied about hags and didn’t wish to accept anything from her.
As she left to go outside and grab vegetables for me to consume, we discussed the possibility of her hiding her true identity. Once she returned Olan “most diligently” asked her if she was the hag in question and if she could help us. In fact her outward appearance was a disguise and she was assuredly more revolting than I could have ever imagined*. As the night passed Fenris had a sudden change that shocked most of us and was a pleasant surprise for this hag. As Fenris’s family had just grow we were able to get more information about what was happening on the mountain and decided to continue on our way to find the drop point for the suspicious mushrooms we found in Orland.
Happily, it didn’t take us long and the drop point seemed to be an abandoned mine. Eager to deal with the situation we ventured into the mine to fine a few rooms and a long tunnel that ended up leading down. Fortune was not on our side as we entered some of the first rooms and found ourselves in the midst of fungi creatures. After rid of them we found their identities unknown but Fenris was sure they were Fangtakers.
We pressed on to find a halfling that had bard himself in a room at the end of the tunnel that led down. Scoundrel most likely, working for the Red Dogs and polluting a city with a cursed mushroom. We decided to bring him with us, without his gear. We found gems that we could use and a beast that we wished to keep our distance from but due to poor dissensions we had to flee the mine as it collapsed around us.
At some point during our travel I started to hear voices. It is very startling when everything goes quite they become audible.*

Castle Askamar: Faida
shit is too serious

My companions left ahead of me. Olan was adamant that the group be apart of the discussion against the Baron’s wishes. It surprises me, from time to time, how different and yet alike Olan and I are.* Before everyone left, Chi Chi was told to stay with me. I enjoy her company but I am sure Olan has other intentions. His plans are not high on my priority list at the moment so I won’t question it. There seemed to be no time between the others leaving and the Baron at my door ready to leave. Truthfully, I was rather uncomfortable with this situation.* Surprisingly, the Baron and I were on the same page with just about everything. This was such a relief at a time in which I needed it.* The excitement at this point to see the Count and speak with everyone is starting to lift my spirits.
Small talk seemed appropriate to try and gauge the Baron’s character further. Nicola was a dead end topic but he is very accepting of a political marriage. What a waste of a good life. He could probably marry anyone he wants and he would rather marry politically than to someone whom he could love…
The trip was quite except for my ever consuming thoughts. I want to do what I can for the elves, for Ardis.
Everyone reached the castle before us along with the count. My eagerness to get everything out on the table and to avoid needless banter, prompted me to speak first. Damn fool, I felt like, but the basics were covered.* The meeting ended very well. There would be an alliance between the Baron and Count as we help the elves reclaim Yesteska and the Baron looks after Thornwall. We would see the Thane, get her to agree and then we could move on. The count was free to talk alone now.**

Quiet ride to Freymore: Faida

Fear and excitement afflicted me before we reached Lina Fe’la and now my mind spins with what I have learned from there.*
The trail we have taken is suppose to be the quickest. We all urgently seek to speak with the Baron and hear what our next path will be. The tingling was interrupted by a moment in which Olan and Virian decided to toss me into Horseshoe Lake. We had come upon a small village resting among the shore of horseshoe lake and the dark trees. Looking upon it makes my heart grow heavier as my thoughts drift to a life I could have had. Quite and simple but a happy life with a family. Never have my thought lingered here before as I have never given it thought before.

As quickly as the village appeared it equally became a speck in the distance. We shouldn’t be too far out from Freymore now. I hope the Baron will have something positive to share with us or maybe he will just as difficult to deal with as the Thane. I imagine him to be like Captain Rodges; hard but reasonable. If I have had any reprieve, it is that this journey has given me some time to try and sort my thoughts.

Freymore is slightly different than the other towns we have visited. Much more spread out amongst the rolling hills. There are shops and entertainment along with homes. We first stopped to see Fenris’s family whom lived on the edge of a wood. His mother is unique; more unique than i had imagined. This tingling still hasn’t subsided so when a free moment presents itself I stow away to the humble church in town.*

The Baron’s family home in Freymore was very grand. His uncle resides within it and the Baron was present as well. With all of the excitement of recent events we speak quickly and rashly with the count which proves ill. Seeming to be in no mood to deal with us currently he dismiss all except for myself. I tried to take advantage of this and make our intentions clear but instead I was to rid with the Baron once he was ready to return to his castle. Fenris and Virian were waiting for me outside the mansion. Their curiosity, unfortunately, broke me and I divulged what we spoke about.

Lina'fela: Faida
Memories can break you

The forest was arduous for me, as I had not fully healed yet from the torture endured while in Orland. Anxiety also plagued me as I hoped that my questions would be answered in Lina Fe’La as promised. Time seemed to stand still until we reached a lively waterfall that came tumbling down the side of a cliff. I thought perhaps this was just another marker for us to follow but there were a few elves keeping watch. To my surprise the waterfall hid a large gate which was illusioned as the entrance of a grand cave. This wasn’t at all what I expected.*
Once our presence was known, everyone’s gaze was on us. This seemed to Olan the perfect opportunity to announce ourselves to the public. He was beaming in front of them all. Still with his same confidence but full of pride instead of salt. The Count stood with us and Olan introduced us individually to the questioning eyes. He was given an ovation along with Virion and Fenris, but I was meet with more questioning stares and muttering. We arrived with enough time to ready ourselves before the festivities, in our honor, were to begin. We feasted and most made merry or talked of the events that transpired. I tried to impress the elves as my welcome wasn’t as enthusiastic as the others. I soon regretted it because my ice knife split the wood board they were all using. Virion was able to save the day with his wood working skills and soon overcasted my bravado.*
At this point, I should have given up on improving my image with the elves. They probably think as well of me as some think on the elves in Queen’s Reach. I feel less like a belong here than anywhere else. The music got very lively when some prostitutes got on stage. Everyone seemed to have fun dancing, which were familiar to me because Olan taught them to me. I figured this was my only chance to heal my ego and it worked. Many elves seemed eager to take their eyes off the hags on stage and attempt to dance with me.*
Once The dancing was done the night dragged on as I was eager to talk with the Elvin council. Rooms were provided and Olan elected to stay with his family. I met them the next morning for breakfast. Olan seemed more calm here than I had ever seen him. They were cute and fit together like puzzle pieces.*
After breakfast we walked a distance to reach the council’s chamber. They all seemed to be waiting there for us. Our discussions started quickly as we layed out the actions we have taken thus far. There were talks of what paths we could take which aired closely to the elves best interest.*
As I began to openly question their plan the count had the queen present herself to speak on her own behalf. She was amazing and familiar? With a wave of her hand an illusion broke showing a much older half-elf hidden beneath the gilded queen. The Wolf King also stepped out and I became entranced by his eyes.*
My questions seemed pointed enough we were allowed to speak with Iskamor herself. A portal opened and I glanced back at Evaryan and Ardis as I entered. A cave that seemed to be endless was before us. A thick forest started at the end of the tunnel, which we had to cut down before we could continue on. “Tests” waited for us in this forest which were not too daunting.

She was there though, waiting and I had a bone to pick.* She seemed ready for me and intern gave me a “memory.”


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