Adventures of the Adamant Owlbears

Baby Chief

Death smells better

Once we reached Granny we were able to assess the gems collected from the mines and what she needed to enchant items that would help us.* She seemed to have what she needed except for the items we wished to have enchanted. Olan gave a bracelet, Virian a tooth, Fenris a ring, and I trusted her with my holy symbol.* We parted from her again with the hafling, Casos. We moved on to dealing with the giants, as they could be allies or foes we could deal with now. They were not hard to find between the broken trees and stench. Dumb as any bipedal creature could be but they at least are easily amused and don’t understand magic. As we wished to ally with them we had to prove we were worth and Olan was charged with challenging their chief. Upon his failure Fenris stepped up and challenged the chief to a second fight. Fenris was able to enlarge himself to get on a more even field. With the old Chief’s defeat, Fenris became the new chief of our “allies”. Cade and I were very eager to leave the Giants as soon as we could, for he was afraid of being eaten and I wasn’t sure how long my stomach could hold out. Fenris told his new tribe he was going out to find a “big hunt” and we would be back, unfortunately. As the night settled in we found a cozy spot near the river where we could wash of the stench. As the others bathed I took it upon myself to start a fire. It seemed easy enough but I lack the patience and struck it to start. They returned and I walked down to relax to the cool waters that ran from the mountain. I was disturbed once but it didn’t matter as the voices started increasing the quieter the night became.
As I returned their seemed to be some clamor between the men but I am so distracted by what I have experienced so far. As the night keeps forward and everyone settles in the voices return.* I was awoken by Fenris yelling out but when I lifted my head he wasn’t in the camp. I woke everyone else up asking if they had seen him. No one was able to answer me so we set off to find him. Unfortunately, something got to him before us and the trail lead to a fissure in the mountain. I was able to break the darkness with daylight and we found both Fenris and Olan’s father. We fought to free them both from their captors and Relum disclosed he was in the company of his interns when the creatures attacked.


elfskin_coat meghandhalstead

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