Adventures of the Adamant Owlbears

Cassidy: Faida

A dream gone wrong

It was so real. Getting out of bed, I needed to follow the crying. Virian was on watch and tried to stop me from leaving but the dream was too real: the crying set me on edge. shoving past him, I headed down the street. Finally, the crying came to an ally where the baby was is a basket. I picked it up to leave. Turning, Cade was there with two other men and from behind I was grabbed and everything went dark.
Groggy was only one way to describe the feeling in my head. It most have been some sort of drug that knocked me out. Cade was a bloody mess on the floor and we seemed to be imprisoned. Cassidy was behind this, she had to be.
* I had to think of a way to get out of this. Cade took a look at the door and realized it was booby trapped. He wasn’t able to undue the trap, so why not just break it. Unfortunately, for Cade, my frustration came out on the trap and it caused part of the ceiling to cave in. A nice large stone hit him in the head and he was out. It was useless for me to try and help tried to help him but I tried anyway. Soon foot steps sounded down the hall and I went to the side of the door so they couldn’t see me. Vengeance would come soon.*
As Cassidy spoke and opened the door, something compelled me to comply. She took me and Cade. He was able to convince her that he was on their side.
* She took me to a room that wasn’t well lit and wasn’t furnished except for things the weren’t meant for comfort and mutual conversation.**** Her words had venom in them but were shallow. Two could play at that game. She didn’t find it humorous, probably because I didn’t mean for it to be, and she took it out on my flesh. Carving it away in some places.
Unconsciousness became my friend not after too long but it did not last. When i was awakened the Red Dogs were dead by the hands of Virian, Cade, Olan and Fenris whom had come to save me. While joy filled me to see their faces, the pain was winning the war. out of the corner of my eye, I noticed one Red dog remained alive but my lightening took care of him. Trinity carried me carefully to Meikas. He was able to tend my wounds but it would take time before everything was back to normal.******


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