Adventures of the Adamant Owlbears

Castle Askamar: Faida

shit is too serious

My companions left ahead of me. Olan was adamant that the group be apart of the discussion against the Baron’s wishes. It surprises me, from time to time, how different and yet alike Olan and I are.* Before everyone left, Chi Chi was told to stay with me. I enjoy her company but I am sure Olan has other intentions. His plans are not high on my priority list at the moment so I won’t question it. There seemed to be no time between the others leaving and the Baron at my door ready to leave. Truthfully, I was rather uncomfortable with this situation.* Surprisingly, the Baron and I were on the same page with just about everything. This was such a relief at a time in which I needed it.* The excitement at this point to see the Count and speak with everyone is starting to lift my spirits.
Small talk seemed appropriate to try and gauge the Baron’s character further. Nicola was a dead end topic but he is very accepting of a political marriage. What a waste of a good life. He could probably marry anyone he wants and he would rather marry politically than to someone whom he could love…
The trip was quite except for my ever consuming thoughts. I want to do what I can for the elves, for Ardis.
Everyone reached the castle before us along with the count. My eagerness to get everything out on the table and to avoid needless banter, prompted me to speak first. Damn fool, I felt like, but the basics were covered.* The meeting ended very well. There would be an alliance between the Baron and Count as we help the elves reclaim Yesteska and the Baron looks after Thornwall. We would see the Thane, get her to agree and then we could move on. The count was free to talk alone now.**


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