Adventures of the Adamant Owlbears

Getting back to the Prime...

Difficult or long?

Once we realized we couldn’t return to our world the way we came we had to think about what the next move was. Chi Chi gave us a glimmer of hope that we could pass through a weak point between planes but we needed to find one. We knew of one but it was very far away and the risk of us being gone for too long was great within this realm. We realized that Hags tend to create homes near weak points and we just so happen to be only a day away from Granny, if this plane was a copy of ours. We traveled with few disturbances and eventually came to the same location of granny’s home on this plan. It had definitely been used by her daughters and we gained many material items from the home.* Granny seemed delighted it what we had for her but her demeanor towards me was just the same, cold and unwelcoming.* As we split items up and took stock of what we had, Fenris told me not to read the black book because it could be dangerous. I placed it and the index of memories in my bag. I didn’t wish for granny to have them. We need to rest and granny obliged as she has done before and I waited till everyone slept to open the books.*


elfskin_coat meghandhalstead

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