Adventures of the Adamant Owlbears

How to find an intern...

you must think like one

Relum joined the party and we finally got some sleep. Tracking down his interns was not as bad as I thought. The boys were fleeing from a bear which Fenris intimidated the shit out of. The small girl was being held by a troll and Edeneth wanted to play hero. Relum gave us insight on his last missing intern’s behavior. She most likely would have tried to save Relum…. Which could mean she went back to the fissure where we found him.* As we walked back to the fissure and again to the room with the portal we found it active. With no trace of Edeneth we had to decide if we move forward or prepare. Virian leapt in as he made up his mind and we were right behind him.
Where we ended up was nothing like we imagined. The tress were dimly lit with the corpses of pixies. The trees stood tall and black as if they had been chard and are a constant reminder of death. Moving forward, a familiar face appeared. Alvis stood before us as a rotting corpse beckoning us. I couldn’t stand the sight of him.* as one of us touched him he dissipated and my vision became blurry.* Every one stood as if they were in a trance. One by one they regained their senses and we moved forward. Fenris heard talking ahead of us and we cautiously approached a clearing where Edeneth was being held captive by a hag.* Well I hoped the plan was to run but the hags planned to fight. With everyone working together we were able to wipe out some of their forces. I unfortunately gained the hag attention before I was ready to defend myself and took another blow to my leg. While the hags forces took the brunt of the damage, they decided it was time for them to leave. We were unable to stop them but Edeneth was safe.*


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