Adventures of the Adamant Owlbears

Lina'fela: Faida

Memories can break you

The forest was arduous for me, as I had not fully healed yet from the torture endured while in Orland. Anxiety also plagued me as I hoped that my questions would be answered in Lina Fe’La as promised. Time seemed to stand still until we reached a lively waterfall that came tumbling down the side of a cliff. I thought perhaps this was just another marker for us to follow but there were a few elves keeping watch. To my surprise the waterfall hid a large gate which was illusioned as the entrance of a grand cave. This wasn’t at all what I expected.*
Once our presence was known, everyone’s gaze was on us. This seemed to Olan the perfect opportunity to announce ourselves to the public. He was beaming in front of them all. Still with his same confidence but full of pride instead of salt. The Count stood with us and Olan introduced us individually to the questioning eyes. He was given an ovation along with Virion and Fenris, but I was meet with more questioning stares and muttering. We arrived with enough time to ready ourselves before the festivities, in our honor, were to begin. We feasted and most made merry or talked of the events that transpired. I tried to impress the elves as my welcome wasn’t as enthusiastic as the others. I soon regretted it because my ice knife split the wood board they were all using. Virion was able to save the day with his wood working skills and soon overcasted my bravado.*
At this point, I should have given up on improving my image with the elves. They probably think as well of me as some think on the elves in Queen’s Reach. I feel less like a belong here than anywhere else. The music got very lively when some prostitutes got on stage. Everyone seemed to have fun dancing, which were familiar to me because Olan taught them to me. I figured this was my only chance to heal my ego and it worked. Many elves seemed eager to take their eyes off the hags on stage and attempt to dance with me.*
Once The dancing was done the night dragged on as I was eager to talk with the Elvin council. Rooms were provided and Olan elected to stay with his family. I met them the next morning for breakfast. Olan seemed more calm here than I had ever seen him. They were cute and fit together like puzzle pieces.*
After breakfast we walked a distance to reach the council’s chamber. They all seemed to be waiting there for us. Our discussions started quickly as we layed out the actions we have taken thus far. There were talks of what paths we could take which aired closely to the elves best interest.*
As I began to openly question their plan the count had the queen present herself to speak on her own behalf. She was amazing and familiar? With a wave of her hand an illusion broke showing a much older half-elf hidden beneath the gilded queen. The Wolf King also stepped out and I became entranced by his eyes.*
My questions seemed pointed enough we were allowed to speak with Iskamor herself. A portal opened and I glanced back at Evaryan and Ardis as I entered. A cave that seemed to be endless was before us. A thick forest started at the end of the tunnel, which we had to cut down before we could continue on. “Tests” waited for us in this forest which were not too daunting.

She was there though, waiting and I had a bone to pick.* She seemed ready for me and intern gave me a “memory.”


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