Adventures of the Adamant Owlbears

Quiet ride to Freymore: Faida


Fear and excitement afflicted me before we reached Lina Fe’la and now my mind spins with what I have learned from there.*
The trail we have taken is suppose to be the quickest. We all urgently seek to speak with the Baron and hear what our next path will be. The tingling was interrupted by a moment in which Olan and Virian decided to toss me into Horseshoe Lake. We had come upon a small village resting among the shore of horseshoe lake and the dark trees. Looking upon it makes my heart grow heavier as my thoughts drift to a life I could have had. Quite and simple but a happy life with a family. Never have my thought lingered here before as I have never given it thought before.

As quickly as the village appeared it equally became a speck in the distance. We shouldn’t be too far out from Freymore now. I hope the Baron will have something positive to share with us or maybe he will just as difficult to deal with as the Thane. I imagine him to be like Captain Rodges; hard but reasonable. If I have had any reprieve, it is that this journey has given me some time to try and sort my thoughts.

Freymore is slightly different than the other towns we have visited. Much more spread out amongst the rolling hills. There are shops and entertainment along with homes. We first stopped to see Fenris’s family whom lived on the edge of a wood. His mother is unique; more unique than i had imagined. This tingling still hasn’t subsided so when a free moment presents itself I stow away to the humble church in town.*

The Baron’s family home in Freymore was very grand. His uncle resides within it and the Baron was present as well. With all of the excitement of recent events we speak quickly and rashly with the count which proves ill. Seeming to be in no mood to deal with us currently he dismiss all except for myself. I tried to take advantage of this and make our intentions clear but instead I was to rid with the Baron once he was ready to return to his castle. Fenris and Virian were waiting for me outside the mansion. Their curiosity, unfortunately, broke me and I divulged what we spoke about.


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