Adventures of the Adamant Owlbears

Southgate to Lina'fela: Faida


We finally were getting out of Orland. Keeping our promise to Setter’s wife, Elyem and his family accompanied us. This land was much different than Queen’s Reach. It was green and full of life. We stopped briefly in a Gmone village called Gardenhome. Fenris seemed very familiar with the people here and wished to help an older one with his passing. Southgate was very close and I was excited to see another city, it couldn’t be worse than Orland. as our company got closer we came across a band of elves. Not having much business with them I stayed in the wagon but invisibility escaped me.* Surprisingly, the Count introduced himself and caught me off guard with what he said.* Our way to Southgate was soon over and it was much better than Orland. Alvis finally made it to his final resting place and we celebrated his life as he would approve in local bars. Our trip was short and we quickly made head way to Lina’fela. I think my nerves were shot for the whole trip. The guys got a reprieve when we came across a glade, home to a few dryads.
Fenris seemed very eager to “play” with them but when Olan mentioned Iskamor, the Dryads quickly fled. * The way was tricky but thankfully Bandit was able to carry me.* A graveyard was nestled in the trees. it seemed fairly out of place, especially with the statue of Florentia. One that depicted her face even.** Before Olan picked a fight with some strange tree-like creatures, we found a nice place to make camp. The next day we should be at the village of the elves.

  • Frustrating was my life at this point: Crippled and confused.


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