Adventures of the Adamant Owlbears

The Mountain

Too much Shit

We part from the Barony towards the mountain above Freymore. I hoped we would be going to the Thane sooner rather than later but this trip is important to Fenris. Not too far into our trip we come across Fangtaker’s, unexpectedly. Seeming to be innocent of what Olan thought they were guilty of… Fenris sent them along. Hopefully the Baron would know what to do with them.
The mountain journey was not a treacherous as we first thought the path was difficult but I wasn’t too sure of where we were headed. After a life time of riding and walking to who knows where we cam across a cave which seemed to be occupied. We are on the look out for hags the resided on this mountain and suspicion immediately rose. A middle aged woman greeted us and was polite enough to let us in her home. The items adorning her home was quite odd and she kept well stocked on lambs. Olan was being his usually charming self and openly took what she had to offer us. I was nervous because of what Fenris implied about hags and didn’t wish to accept anything from her.
As she left to go outside and grab vegetables for me to consume, we discussed the possibility of her hiding her true identity. Once she returned Olan “most diligently” asked her if she was the hag in question and if she could help us. In fact her outward appearance was a disguise and she was assuredly more revolting than I could have ever imagined*. As the night passed Fenris had a sudden change that shocked most of us and was a pleasant surprise for this hag. As Fenris’s family had just grow we were able to get more information about what was happening on the mountain and decided to continue on our way to find the drop point for the suspicious mushrooms we found in Orland.
Happily, it didn’t take us long and the drop point seemed to be an abandoned mine. Eager to deal with the situation we ventured into the mine to fine a few rooms and a long tunnel that ended up leading down. Fortune was not on our side as we entered some of the first rooms and found ourselves in the midst of fungi creatures. After rid of them we found their identities unknown but Fenris was sure they were Fangtakers.
We pressed on to find a halfling that had bard himself in a room at the end of the tunnel that led down. Scoundrel most likely, working for the Red Dogs and polluting a city with a cursed mushroom. We decided to bring him with us, without his gear. We found gems that we could use and a beast that we wished to keep our distance from but due to poor dissensions we had to flee the mine as it collapsed around us.
At some point during our travel I started to hear voices. It is very startling when everything goes quite they become audible.*


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