Adric Carver

A mouthy young boy that Mateya murdered.


Human male, 18 years old at time of death.


Adric Carver was your typical teenage boy, loitering around the streets of Southgate with a couple of his friends. They were hanging around in an alley behind The Cat and Rooster one day when they made the mistake of questioning the honor of Mateya Halfhart and her adoptive mother Eterna. A fight broke out and Mateya murdered two of the boys and severely injured Carver.

After the grisly scene was discovered by the guard, Adric was rushed to the hospital where he was tended to by Greal. When it looked as though he might pull through, Mateya poisoned him with various fluids she found in the mortician’s lab in order to maintain his silence. He died a few days later.

His murder (and the murders of his friends) remains a cold case.


Parents: Tomas Carver
Siblings: Lacey Rodgers (Carver)

Adric Carver

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