Ardis Ashera

Elf queen of Lina'fela.


By all appearances a radiant, horned elven woman. You have since seen through this powerful illusion, and learned that she is a half-elf reaching the end of her years. Nevertheless, there is something other worldly and powerful about her.


Though the world at large does not know it, the queen of Lina’fela is no demon. Nor was she blessed with her golden horns by Iskamor. They were granted to her by ritual, a blending of her soul and that of the dead god Malith. It’s a ritual that she hopes soon to complete.

She was born not long before the war in Yesteska, to a ranger, Evaryan, and a missionary from the empire by the name of Caleah. Tragedy tore the young family apart, and in an effort to free his beloved from the clutches of her vengeful god, Evaryan offered up their young daughter for the ritual.

By some strange twist of fate Caleah found her way back to earth on her own some two centuries later, though she had little recollection of her former life, and had been living as an aasamir called Faida. Evaryan, however, kept much of his consciousness in tact through the lives he had lived since their parting, and now lives as the Wolf King of Lina’fela.

Though Ardis is aware of her father’s original motivations, she is more focused on her duty to her people. She is prepared to sacrifice her life to bring her people through the coming darkness, and hopefully to bring them home.

The infusion of the god’s soul has brought her incredible power. Her illusions are so strong that she has managed to disguise her aging body for 200 years. There is an aura about her of something fierce and terrible laying in wait. You can only wonder what will ensue if this power is truly unleashed.

Ardis Ashera

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