Azrael Mathis

Patron saint of demon hunters.


Human male, in 30s at time of death.


A man with a zealous love for the Sculptor’s word, Azrael began his journey to sainthood by investigating the Halfhart Inquisition. Originally from Caleah, he journeyed to Southgate to look into the death of Father Mason Halfhart.

Well liked by many, Azrael had a reputation as a man of infinite piety and lusty appetites. It is thought that most of the aasamir in the world today are his children.

His decade long hunt for Mateya the Maimed is the stuff of legend. Upon his death at its conclusion, he was declared patron saint of demon hunters. Indeed, he is thought to have performed more exorcisms in that 10 year span than any other single hand of the Sculptor in history.

Azrael Mathis

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