Edeneth Loth

Former slave turned Fangtaker.


Teenage elven girl, around 80 years old.


Edeneth, or “Eden” has the classic looks of an elf of the old blood: freckled, sun kissed skin, honey yellow hair, and big green eyes.

A former house slave of the Cavinroughs, she has spent most of her life cooking and cleaning. On some occasions she had been tasked with bringing food to other slaves, or to gather their laundry for cleaning, which made her quite well known among the family’s many servants.This position among the slaves gave Eden access to many stories and rumors, tales that emboldened her to attempt escape.

After orchestrating her escape, she set out for the Priestwood, hearing that freed and escaped slaves had started building a settlement there. She made it as far as Hell’s Hearth before being captured by a group of Talons, but by a stroke of fate her friend Legir crossed paths with them before they were able to reach Queen’s Reach. Legir and his companions dispatched the bounty hunters, and Edeneth was once again free.

Later on Legir would introduce her to his squad leader, Olan Faerveren. Olan was beginning to become well known by the subjugated of the city as a liberator, operating under the pseudonym “The Night Worm.” By chance, Olan managed to free Eden’s parents during his first raid on the Cavinrough estate, and the reunited family was soon after booked passage to Thornwall.

Eden saw her family safely to the elven settlement of Lina’fela, but wanted to do more to repay the heroes that had helped her. So she decided to join the Fangtakers, under the tutelage of Olan’s father Relum Greenstrider. She did her part to help bring more refugees into the country by learning to help tend their ailments and making sure their passage across the countryside is safe.

Her work as a Fangtaker eventually saw her re-united with the Owlbears. Separated from Relum by a number of corrupted fey monstrosities, she sought to rescue him when all of his other charges had fled. Unfortunately she stumbled into the Feywild instead, and might have been killed by the night hags there had it not been for the Owlbears’ timely intervention.

The daring rescue sparked a brief tryst between her and Virion, one that seemed to sour nearly as quickly as it began. She continued to follow the group to the completion of their mission on Crossroad Peak, and proved a competent archer and an invaluable asset in combat. During their final confrontation with the demon Prince Grizek, while Olan and Fenris lay unconscious on the ground and Virion feared for his life, she struck the killing blow on the fiend.

After the battle, she chose to part ways with Virion and instead follow Fenris, addressing several pieces of unfinished Fangtaker business. When it was concluded, they started the trek North to reconvene with Olan and Virion, but took the scenic route, allowing Fenris to show her his homeland. Anybody can see that the two share a mutual respect, and have certainly become closer friends on the journey.

Edeneth Loth

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