Town mortician turned necromancer.


Human male possessed by a demonic entity known as Hesiel.


So little was known of Greal’s family that he didn’t even know his surname. He was raised among the clergy of Southgate, eventually taking the role of mortician that his family had supposedly held. The work seemed to suit him, as he was not a very socially inclined man.

Through a series of odd coincidences, he ended up adventuring with the Halfhart twins, Mason and Mateya, along with local guard Steve Rodgers and a visiting alchemist from Caleah known as Travis Leafsworth.

During the midsummer feast, with the execution of the nuns and Father Vincent of the Southgate clergy, it is speculated that the demon Hesiel transferred herself from the melted body of Vincent into Greal. Because he was already a strange sort of fellow and a known necromancer, his comrades thought little of his resulting changes in behavior.

It was only when Saint Azrael Mathis arrived in Southgate to investigate Mason’s death that anything was done to combat Hesiel, but by then Greal had already implanted a demonic child (Enka Goster) into Mateya, complicating the situation considerably.

During Azrael’s attempted exorcism of Hesiel, the wards failed and the demon shifted herself and Greal to the abyss, effectively escaping.

In the time since they have wrought havoc across the world, spawning demons, a cult, and an army of undead minions.


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