Lacey Rodgers (Carver)

An extremely successful trader in Queen's Reach.


Human female, presently 41 years old.

Ability Scores

  • Strength 11
  • Dexterity 13
  • Constitution 10
  • Intelligence 13
  • Wisdom 13
  • Charisma 15


Lacey and Steve met when she was only 16 years old. At the time, her father Tomas was away on business in Caleah, and her brother Adric was in the hospital after being brutally attacked. Understandably hysterical, she begged Steve to patrol around her house in the evenings.

When he failed to fulfill her request, she was kidnapped by the bandit gang known as the Red Dogs and taken captive in their hideout in Grimstump Grotto. Realizing his grievous mistake, Steve quickly rallied his companions and successfully went on to rescue Lacey from the bandits’ clutches.

While their courtship was brief and somewhat awkward, Lacey’s father fully supported her relationship with Steve, knowing that he was both an upstanding young man and one capable of protecting his daughter. They were wed rather impulsively at the Fried Fingers in Southgate, the ceremony being officiated by the tavern’s owner, Travis Leafsworth. They decided to go through with it without the normal planning and fanfare because Steve had recently been dead for over a week after being pulverized by a troll in his home town.

Occupational History

  • Lacey was always very helpful and studious in relation to her father’s trading business. She often helped him keep his records organized in her younger years, and occasionally traveled with him on his business trips as well.
  • After meeting Steve, Lacey was offered a position managing at the Fried Fingers. Leafsworth insisted she was his finest employee.
  • After discovering the original bailiff of Southgate had become a vampire, Mateya Halfhart offered Lacey the position in his stead. She accepted this briefly out of a desire to make more money.
  • After Steve’s adventuring group had split and they had moved across the sea, Lacey became a very important trader, exporting goods back to her home country.

Personality Traits

  • Lacey has always been very cheerful, to the point of giddiness at times.
  • While she’s intellectually fairly sharp, her excitement can often make her seem single minded.
  • It is next to impossible for her keep a secret.
  • She is exceptionally loyal to her family, especially her husband.
  • She is very religious and has no problems expressing her beliefs.
  • Her greatest pleasure is curling up with a good book.

Other Trivia


Parents – Tomas Carver
Siblings – Adric Carver
Husband – Steve Rodgers
Children – Nicola Rodgers, Colette Rodgers,Laurel Rodgers, Victoria Rodgers, Katriel Rodgers, Devora Rodgers, Elora Rodgers, Stephanie Rodgers

Lacey Rodgers (Carver)

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