Lefyr & Gaelira

Legir's parents and senior slaves of House Cavinrough




On the outskirts of Lina’fela’s woodland lies a small grotto, a converted domicile; furnished with tables, chairs, and a bed fashioned from from the local timber. Animal furs fresh with wood ash hang on the walls, and the scent of Wrackleaf and Barrenberry fill the air. Lefyr & Gaelira used to call it home.

Burdened with child, Gaelira found herself trapped inside their woodland sanctuary when the Blood Hounds (predecessors of the Red Dogs) stormed down the front door. She might have attempted to escape or fight in the form of a beast if not for the risk of harming her unborn child, Legir; Lefyr discovered that not even a bear could take on a multitude of well-prepared humans with nets and spears.

They awoke in chains, pulled alongside a familiar trail, farther and farther away from their home. Lefyr and Galeria soon found themselves on the auction-block, and with a moderate amount of physcial persuasion, Lefyr demonstrated the abilities of beast-shifting. Alston Darby Cavinrough Senior outbid several auctioneers, to purchase them both.

Lefyr & Gaelira

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