Lucian Askamar

Baron in Thornwall, leader of the Fangtakers.


A human man in his late twenties, both rugged and handsome.


While at first glance the Baron Askamar might appear to be the sort of fellow women want and men want to be, he is a haunted soul, reticent to get close to anyone. When he was a very young boy, his family’s castle was invaded by a pack of vampires, actually resulting in the deaths of him and his entire family.

The vampires plotted to take over the entire southern region of Bastion, first by taking the castle and then springing a trap on then-Countess Mateya Halfhart within. What they did not anticipate was the strength of Mateya and her companions – who slew the vampires and – with the aid of a magical artifact – restored life to Lucian and his mother.

The pair fled the castle to live among their people – joining his mother’s family in far off Freymoor. While life in Freymoor was idyllic, Lucian continued to suffer from terrible nightmares and paranoia.

As he grew, Lucian became more and more obsessed with the idea of hunting and destroying monsters. With the institution of Thornwall the area became more and more rife with banditry and unchecked beasts – and he decided he simply could not stand by.

He founded the Fangtakers – a guild of skilled rangers, hunters, and herbalists who could put their skills together to make the area safer from threats both natural and unnatural. He has held them together for some ten years now – and their numbers only keep growing as members from all over Thornwall come to join and gain in the training and prestige.

Lucian Askamar

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