Mason Halfhart

Former Father of the church of Southgate.


Son of Warwick and Talvanna Halfhart, he was murdered by his own sister when he became infected with vampirism.


For many years Mason was the sole apparent heir of the countship of Southgate. By all appearances he was a suitable one, seeming to be a highly pious individual with a great affection for his father.

Mason began the path to losing the countship when the church of Southgate was purged. The vacuum of power was too much for him to resist, and he managed to convince the High Father of Bastion to appoint him as the new church leader, promising to rebuild the clergy from the ground up.

His father, a military man with little taste for politics, found this posturing distasteful, but the final straw was when Mason’s lover, Lexan, gave word of his sexual predilections. Knowing his son was on the course to produce no further heirs and become a scheming politician, Warwick brought Mason’s sister Mateya out of hiding to take his place as future Countess. Coincidentally, the two of them were already acquainted through happenstance and had been adventuring together for a time.

Enraged, but still possessing the authority of the church, Mason was approached by dark allies, offering him vengeance in exchange for sanctuary. Upon agreeing he was transformed into a vampire.

The vampires murdered his father for him, and offered to dispose of Mateya as well by luring her into a trap held in Askamar Castle. This same trap also targeted Raechon Gostor, Mason and Mateya’s cousin, so as to wipe out all potential threats to Mason’s claim.

Luckily, Raechon, Mateya, and her companions were able to dispatch of Mason before he could do any more harm. His death, however, would start an investigation by Azrael Mathis, which uncovered that Mateya herself was not so innocent.

Mason Halfhart

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