Mateya Halfhart

The fugitive Countess of Southgate.


Half-elf female, was somewhere in her mid to late 30s when she died.


Often referred to as “Mateya the Maimed,” she was briefly Countess of Southgate during the Halfhart Inquisition. The moniker comes from an incident when she was hunting down vampires in Castle Askamar and sprung a trap causing a boulder to fall on her head and destroy half of her face.

Mateya’s life was always a troubled one. Shortly after her birth, her mother Talvanna was murdered. Frightened for her safety, her father sent her into hiding. For her entire young life she was under the impression she was the daughter of a human butcher and an elven whore. Her adoptive father was a gruff man, and her mother distant. She grew up with little guidance. It wasn’t until she had entered her twenties that her true identity as the daughter of the Count was revealed.

This news was difficult to process, and caused other problems as well. With her naming as the heir to Southgate, her twin brother Mason grew bitter and jealous, and made plots against her. Meanwhile she managed to make the situation even more difficult by allowing herself to be seduced by Greal, and becoming pregnant with a demonic child.

When Saint Azrael began Greal’s exorcism, Mateya gave up her power as countess to her cousin Raechon Gostor, opting to flee on the chance that Greal might somehow escape Azrael. A wise choice considering the outcome.

She spent many years then fleeing Azrael – always staying one step ahead on account of a powerful magic relic known as the Black Mask of Dreams. This apparently simple wooden mask, found deep in a Hag’s den on Crossroad Peak, gives the wearer prophetic dreams. It was some 10 years of hunting before Azrael caught up to her. They slew each other in the ensuing battle, while Mateya’s child escaped, along with the mask.

Mateya’s Journey (work-in-progress)
During the 10+ years fleeing both Azreal and Greal.
Mateya is seen in towns here and there under different aliases. She can’t rely on her elven kin too much as she is being tracked down. Her Werewolf form helps when traveling from town to town, as long as no one sees her in this form because it would end up tragic for them. Mateya has never been bothered much by killing but having to make scenes look like an animal attack is just messy.
Thankfully on this side of the water, there are much more elves spread out so she is able to stay in contact with her cousin and able to plan safe times to travel back to south gate.
To try and keep church spys on there toes Mateya would often hire a mercinary halfiing or gnome to pose as her child and if one was not available, she would “borrow” someone else’s child.
Mateya spent as much time as she could risk with her daughter. She didn’t want her daughter to think she didn’t want to be with her but that her protection was of utmost importance. If Mateya couldn’t see her daughter for extended periods of time she would send a letter.
As the years went by of running and her daughter has grown into a young adult capable of taking care of her self and being well protected, Mateya made one last visit. She gave her daughter the mask and a little advise. “Once I leave here you can’t trust anyone, only yourself.” Mateya left before her daughter awoke.

“If you are friend, a human is what you meet
But if fiend, then tooth and claw you must beat.
If you are lover, you will go no further.
But if child, seek your mother.”

Mateya Halfhart

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