Olan Faerveren




Olan was born in Lina’fela. His mother, Leyla Calladon, a widow and a trader of herbs, fell in love with Relum Greenstrider, a human ranger and alchemist. Staying behind from her travelling party, Leyla spent all her free time learning of humans, and their anatomy.

After some months, the day came when Leyla’s sister finally came to bring her home. Relum was off helping Lord Askamar with an illness that had befallen a village, so her mind was easily swayed. Unknown to Leyla, however, she carried Relum’s unborn son.

Upon her return to Lina’fela she was welcomed by her oldest son, Talet Calladon. He told her the village elders were furious with her actions, though he did not yet understand why. In penance, Leyla joined the priesthood of Iskamor.

Olan was born on an autumn morning, wolves and priestesses surrounding him. As it is with many things, the elves were conflicted by his existence. Many shunned him, but others saw promise in his future, knowing how the actions of another half-elf, Mateya Halfhart, had shaped the destiny of their people.

His mother told him tales of his father, but said he must forget about ever meeting him if he wanted to stay with her. Meanwhile, Talet was one who didn’t just shun, but wanted to make fun of his younger half-elven brother. Every chance he could he and his friends would make fun and play tricks on him.

The priests put him to work with laborious chores. He did them with no question. One day, as he was collecting tree sap, he heard a howl. Rushing to see what the problem was, Olan saw a young white wolf with her tail caught in a human hunters trap. Rushing to help the wolf, Olan heard a hunting party rushing to the noise, so thinking quick he chopped off the wolf’s tail and carried her away. After nursing the wolf back to health, he found out her name was Trinity, and finally had a friend. The priests, seeing his companionship with a wolf, started to think more could be made of Olan and began giving him greater responsibility.

Years later, Olan has risen into the ranks of the Preists of Iskamor. Hoping to redeem his mother’s honor and give his life meaning, Olan pursues a risky path of becoming a true Follower of the Pale Night.

Update:: Queen’s Reach
Olan continued his path of the Pale Night and became Squad leader in the Queens army. Having met his companions and Captain Rodgers, Olan began his true quest in the land of Slaves. Finding ruins and taking his squad into them against orders was Olan’s first stage in setting up his foundation in the Reach. Bringing these new friends together to create a bond in a time of need worked well, also he implicated these new soldiers in his crime of ignoring orders not to go into the ruins. Having everyone on the same page and already becoming Rebels was good for Olan’s plan, they would have more Rule breaking in the future if he was to accomplish anything for his Quest. With Treasure in his pockets to help him fund his Quest, new bonds made with the elf Virion, steps made to corrupt Fenris and his new friend Chi-chi, All seemed to be going well.
Faida, the mysterious was the one who broke ground and with her sly words and entrancing eyes, got the Squad out of trouble for ignoring orders.
Alvis continued to be a thorn in Olans side but seemed to be coaxed into his schemes with his greed.
Virion was brought to the light and Olan discovered much history behind Virions past. With the bond created, Olan took Virion the slave under his wing and began the plotting of his freedom and indoctrination into Iskamor’s faith.
Fenris continued to be stalwart but after having a run in with the High Mother, he became easier game in Olan’s plans of revenge.
Step after step, each choice was made with helping the Elves in mid. From the question asked, to the directions walked, Olan’s purpose was always Number One. Yet, as the days went on, and friendship seeped into his mind, Olan started to think more of his friends and their plans.
Rescuing the Elves was his prime objective and almost got him into alot of trouble, but with the help of his Squad, and the evil of the Slave owners, much was accomplished. He continues home as we speak with a boat full of freed slaves, who he is training for the upcoming war.

Fighting his way through Orlan, making decisions and choices that would haunt him in the future, Olan focused on returning to Lina Fela.
Talking his way through Southgate, the count and lina fela, Olan finds answers from Iskamor but develops questions about his friends.
Bearing the quests into thornwall and helping the Baron, Olan begins to change. He starts developing a sense of entitlement, always seeing things he is deprived of.
Pushing his group to the top of the mountain, through fey,hags and angels, Olan sees what he can become and feels his faith threatened.
Dealing with traitors is new to Olan, with faida’s choice of demon partnership and Fenris’s choice of elven partnership starts to ruin his belief in the group.
Hearing news of Faida makes Olan feel numb. With a drunken wedding party and Virion’s passion presented to Olan, he loses it and makes a fool of himself.

Olan Faerveren

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