Pete Rodgers

Fangtaker. Member of Bearsfoot Band.


Late teens human male.


Pete grew up in Trollstone just as the Rodgers have always done. What sets Pete apart is that he is the first of his family to join the Fangtakers, specifically Relum Greenstrider’s Bearsfoot Band. While many join the Fangtakers out of a sense of duty to their community, Pete seemed to be more bored than anything. Cocky and headstrong, and armed with the tales of his uncle Steve and aunt Annie, he left Trollstone to join as soon as he was old enough.

He’s become quite traveled in the few years he’s been with the Fangtakers, having visited places all across Thornwall in search of herbs and folk needing help. The thrill of new experiences has only fueled his confident, exuberant nature.

With his branding drawing near, Pete eagerly awaits his next assignment, excited to see where the Fangtakers will take him next.

Pete Rodgers

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