Portia Pruni

Professor at the University of Queen's Reach


Middle aged halfling woman.


Head of the history department, Portia specializes in ancient cultures. She is particularly fascinated by anthropology, and is highly intrigued by any archaeological finding that can help her glean more about how ancient people interacted with each other. While not native, she finds Queen’s Reach an excellent base of operations because of how ancient the city is and how many secrets are still buried beneath it.

In general she is rather reserved. Her voice matches her stature, small and mousy, and her students often complain for her to speak up. She has an absolutely academic belief in the Sculptor: all the evidence she has seen has empirically pointed to the church’s teachings being correct.

Through her studies, however, she does acknowledge that groups rarely properly represent individuals, and while her students learn about cultures she often encourages them to never judge people by their relatives.

Portia Pruni

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