Raechon Gostor

Count of Southgate, Warden of the Thornwall.


Grim middle aged elven man with sharp, birdlike features.


Raechon is likely the most influential elf in the world. Count of Southgate, liberator of Thornwall, lover of the queen of Lina’fela, and chief among the Iska’fea. For all his titles and power, however, he himself would say that he is a man with very little to his name.

His perspective has made him a measured leader to his people. He was born in the midst of the war for Yesteska, and saw first hand the suffering the fighting and subsequent exile inflicted on his people. He himself had little family to speak of after the fighting, spare his aunt Talvanna, who watched over him until adulthood when she left for Southgate to be wed to the Count.

This tenuous family tie would prove instrumental in Raechon’s future. For one day Raechon was called to Castle Askamar to treat with his cousins, Mason and Mateya Halfhart, only to find himself deeply thrust into their family drama. Mason had become a vampire, bent on destroying Mateya and her claim to the countship. Taking Mateya’s side, the two vanquished Mason, and rescued the young Lucian Askamar.

By then he had already been chosen for an Ailithre trial, and Iskamor had bestowed upon him both the gift of weyr and an item known as the oathbow as means to protect himself and his people.

Mateya, hunted by demons and the church alike for her own mistakes, instilled the countship upon Raechon shortly after the death of her brother, insisting she could never return.

With the countship under his belt Raechon began to rise in status among his people, towing diplomatic weight that none among them had had for over 2 centuries. When years of negotiation proved fruitless, he proclaimed the south of Bastion an independent state, calling it Thornwall.

Raechon Gostor

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