Relum Greenstrider

Fangmaster of Bearsfoot Band


Middle aged human man, darkly complected, wiry and worn by the elements and years of combat.


You could say Relum Greenstrider was a Fangtaker before there even was such a thing. One of the group’s founding members, Relum served the Askamar family even before Baron Lucian came of age, protecting their lands and people. His input would help to shape the credo of the Fangtakers, and provided valuable contrast to the vengeful methods of Lucian.

Calm and thoughtful, Relum has always preferred to approach the hunt with care and consideration to tactics. Rather than specializing in weaponry, he has chosen to dedicate himself to the study of herbalism, learning many advanced techniques from Thornwall’s elves and gnomes. He is considered one of the most knowledgeable practical healers in the land, and often appears to assist when illness strikes a settlement.

Relum’s demeanor and vast knowledge makes him an ideal teacher, and he was quickly named a Fangmaster of one of the group’s roving bands. His is known by the name Bearsfoot, after a local flower. Like its namesake, Bearsfoot Band is known for “putting hair on your chest,” and initiates quickly learn that alchemy can be every bit as dangerous as hunting a vampire.

Relum Greenstrider

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