Tabitha Frey

Member of the Winged Arms in Queen's Reach


Human woman in her 40s, well preserved but graying rapidly with the burden of having to care for so many children.


Tabitha came to the Society of Saint Amalah some 20 odd years ago, recently widowed and needing help to care for her young child. So grateful was she for their assistance, that she decided to be initiated in the church and join the Winged Arms herself, raising her own daughter alongside the orphans. She is firm in her belief that the Society does absolute good, and that the work of the Sculptor’s church is work that benefits all people, whether they believe or not.

She takes a special interest in certain wards, particularly those who are outcast, as she knows what it feels like to be desperately alone. She tries to teach them that no matter what she and the church will always be with them to serve as their family – and how lucky they are to have so many people that care for them.

Her daughter tends the church’s aviary, which provides doves and other birds for ceremonial purposes. Sometimes when a bird is wounded or sick, Tabitha will care for it to keep it from infecting or being harmed further by other birds. These birds she will carry almost everywhere with her until they are well.

Tabitha Frey

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