Talvanna Halfhart

Former Countess of Southgate.


A young elven woman whose life was cut tragically short.


After the God Coast War, Warwick Halfhart was given possession of Southgate, and decided to marry an elf in order to strengthen relations with his neighbors in Lina’fela. Talvanna was this elf, coming from the prestigious Goster clan. After producing a pair of heirs in the form of Mason and Mateya Halfhart, she was assassinated. Nobody ever learned who killed her, but it caused Warwick to send his newborn daughter into hiding, in case the danger was not over.


Husband: Warwick Halfhart
Children: Mason Halfhart, Mateya Halfhart
Nephew: Raechon Gostor
Grandchild: Enka Goster

Talvanna Halfhart

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