Tomas Carver

A trader in Southgate.


Older human gentleman.


A reasonably successful trader from Southgate, Tomas Carver was never quite the same after the untimely death of his wife, and often kept to himself and the roads, to the detriment of his children. His son Adric was murdered while he was on a trip to Caleah, and then his daughter Lacey kidnapped. While they were teenagers at the time and likely should have been able to care for themselves, Tomas decided to offer his daughter’s hand to local guard Steve Rodgers to keep her safe. His responsibilities relieved, he continued to distract himself with business well into his old age. He remains distant from his family, despite now being a grandfather to Steve and Lacey’s eight children.


Children: Lacey Rodgers (Carver), Adric Carver
Son-In-Law: Steve Rodgers
Grandchildren: Colette Rodgers, Devora Rodgers, Elora Rodgers, Katriel Rodgers, Laurel Rodgers, Nicola Rodgers, Stephanie Rodgers, Victoria Rodgers

Tomas Carver

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