Warwick Halfhart

Former Count of Southgate.


Half elven war hero and long time Count of Southgate, who was eventually killed by a vampire.


Warwick Halfhart was an instrumental leader on the Western front of the God Coast War, driving the barbarians from the North of Bastion and ensuring that they never passed the Sculptor’s Fingers. As reward for his service, King Ulfreck Wulthrung (father of the current king) awarded him a countship, and appointed him as defender of Southern Bastion, offering him the castle in Southgate.

Warwick ruled for many years, garnering peace with his elven neighbors by marrying Talvanna of the Goster clan. Their children, Mason and Mateya, were born shortly before her assassination, causing him to leave Mateya in the care of one of Talvanna’s close friends in the city, Eterna. Unfortunately, while Eterna loved children a great deal, she found her occupation as a brothel owner was incompatible with raising one, and so tricked the local butcher into believing the girl was his.

When the children came of age, Mateya’s true identity was revealed when Mason proved himself an unsuitable heir – both a homosexual and a scheming power grabber trying to take the countship and the highest local position in the church. With these schemes revealed, Mateya was informed of her parentage and named heir. Mason’s outrage at this announcement drove him to ally with vampires, who eventually killed Warwick at his behest.

Warwick is buried in the Halfhart crypt alongside his wife in Southgate.


Wife: Talvanna Halfhart
Children: Mason Halfhart, Mateya Halfhart
Grandchild: Enka Goster

Warwick Halfhart

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