Adventures of the Adamant Owlbears

Side Saddle: Faida
a place for armored men

As a tribute to our lost comrade we settled on the name “Side Saddle” for our business. Everyone put in the own amount of effort to get the place ready for a grade opening, even though I doubt it would have passed any inspection. One of the potion I had gotten in the under city should turn change my sex to male.* Interestingly enough it did and now I needed to buy some new cloths. The night seemed to be going well. The word got out that a bar tailored for armored men was opening up and we had a good crowd. I was able to entertain with in my new form, which thankfully wasn’t permanent. Cade was our cook for the night and at first we thought he burnt food but later realized that a fire had broken out in the kitchen which expanded to the whisky filled cellar. Fenris and I got everyone out and i did what I could to suffocate the fire. The others battled it from the cellar and eventually won.
Next we needed to find out how the fire started. Since Cade was cooking much of anything we had to look at it being a trap. we had one main suspect but we didn’t know where she was or if it was her. Setter was our best lead. It wasn’t hard to find him but talking with him was. Olan thought threats would be the best way to handle the situation but Tabitha always told me you could catch more flies with honey than vinegar. I always found that true unless you had a swatter big enough and if Setter didn’t start the fire we need information on who did. We were able to make a trade with Setter though. We would get out of his hair for good if he stopped giving the drugs to guards for about a week. Just long enough to make it seem like the problem was solved and the thane would let us leave Orland.* He agreed reluctantly. we all slept with a dagger under our pillows that night.

Cade: Faida

We decided to let loose after our arduous journey and it seems I have been able to catch someone’s eye. Cade is a smooth taking halfling with fiery hair that rivals Virian’s. He seems to know the people he well or better yet they know him too well.Cade seems eager to please and is more than willing to find something to help put me in the mood.* We walked to a light house with a single red dog guard. she wasn’t too thrilled but trusts Cade some. I thought I’d play it up for him to speed things along. The woman wasn’t impressed but Cade seemed to get his desperation through to her. As we walked through the caverns i started leaving a bread crumb trail of feathers. we came top a large cave that hosted a market of sorts. you could find all manner of weapons and other items here. We even passed a potion maker whom i was able to talk into giving me a deal which Cade eagerly pad for. Setter seemed to be Cade’s contact for illicit drugs. Not a very friendly guy not easily tempted either, the men in this town suck. He wants Cade to prove himself by killing me.* Instead he made me invisible. I thought this was very clever. Unfortunately, not everyone thought so. Fenris and Virian finally made themselves noticeable buy threatening Cade and Setter.** Cade grabbed me and wanted to run but i couldn’t leave my friends behind. Fenris thought a cool dunk could help Setter and we were able to make it out.

Land: Faida

Meikas thinks he can keep Alvis body until we can properly see him off. Though I did not know it would be the last time that I would speak with him. Somewhat ironically he came to me in my dreams, asking to be avenged. I hope he isn’t putting his faith in the wrong person. We search the ship but it seems Cassidy slipped off the ship. As we grow closer to land and Start to get antsy to see a new city. The frivolity the city may offer could help put me at ease. I can see a forest on the horizon as I gaze out. It is captivating., bewitching almost. I can’t seem to tear mt eyes from it nor do i want to. Olan even speaks to me and I hardly give him notice. My eagerness grows as we get closer to port. To my dismay the excitement doesn’t last. We are greeted by the thane and guards telling us to turn back and Olan, probably just as worn as we all are, feels he must put her in her place.* Thankfully the thane was willing to listen to a more reasonable voice and we were able to strike a deal.** We get rid of her pest problem and we can move through Orland in peace. Problem was now, what do we do with all of the Elves. There is no way we can keep them all warm and fed for more than a few days. Even if I was able to collect enough from dancing. Meikas was taken to the high town with Alvis to be useful as he can. we passed by many abandoned buildings on our way to the masked mistress, which seemed to be the only thing left open. The embargo has certainly taken it’s toll.
after some debate we decided to question the thane about the buildings and if they were for sale. As we have spent almost all of our gold we will have to be open to trade. She was eager to get her hands on our ship so a trade was set. Olan suggested we name it for Alvis and cater it to the seriously lacking enthusiasm the guards in this town have for women.
We also needed to think about the elves Olan and Virian liberated. It would cost us too much to keep them but happily enough Olan’s father was able to take them, with the Thane’s permission of course. Olan kept a few to help us out.

We sail the sea: Faida
At a price

I can’t get my words to Pike out of my head.* Alvis thinks writing to him to try and explain my feelings would help.* Other than being lost to my thoughts the sea is calming and I seem to be able to control the weather, although minimally. Fenris seems to be using his “skills” up in the crows nest with Nicola. Olan is busy with his freed slaves and Virian is passing the time with carving… Sometimes I dance with the elves and try to pass on the dances Olan taught me. It is fun but quiet different than those in Queen’s Reach. All was going smoothly until we happened upon a battle between a giant octopus and shark. I think I could see Virain’s mouth water as we came closer. This was a trying battle for Alvis especially. Virain cast his water walk on us to keep us from drowning but it did not help Alvis as he intended. With the shark thrashing upon the boat it caused us all to find our footing which Alvis failed. As he fell off the ship and the shark with him I panicked and dived in after him. The shark saw the opportunity to take what he could get and flee. For Alvis this meant a tortuous moment as we tried our best to kill the beast which had a hold of him. He was alive in the end but barely in one piece. Meikas was able to patch him up but he wasn’t looking good. Unfortunately, our trip did not continue to be uneventful. When it seemed like we would be ending our journey soon, we come across a giant monster with multiple heads. I have never seen a creature so large. It towered over us and I had no idea how to deal with this beast. Unfortunately, my first move proved ill for us. I took off one of its heads just for it to grow two in its place. If attacking it directly didn’t work as well, perhaps if I hindered its movement, the others could widdle it down. Slowing it seemed to be a better choice, as it wasn’t able to attack us as many times. My other option was to try and prevent it from growing more heads. It was a long shot but my spell worked. We were not able to kill the beast but it fled and we were too weary to chase it. Unfortunately soon after we lost our friend Alvis. Cassidy, of all the bitches to sneak onto our ship, got her revenge.

Hair and feathers grow dark: Faida
Queen's Reach

After having some fun with everyone at The Empress we decided to stay the night. Pike and I in one room and the others… I guess figured it out. (I can’t remember if this was the night we met the fortune teller) I have an annoying habit of waking up before the sun but it isn’t bad some days. Today I got to see Pike sleep for a little before heading down stairs. As the others woke up and came downstairs they seemed to have had a rougher night than myself but I seem to be the only one physically altered by current events. My hair and feathers are darkening. this started a small side quest to figure out why. Mikas suggested “bird puberty” and i went under a ritual* to make sure I wasn’t possessed. Nothing was found.**

I am now a mercenary
Our first job

Rodger’s seems to understand that we have in our possession trinkets from our excursion and he doesn’t seem to care. Instead he is releasing us from our military contracts which voids the clause about looting… He actually has a job he would like us to do as a personal favor to him. He wants us to move his family and find a safe place for them in Thornwall. In the mean time we had a week before the ship was to depart. Plenty of time for leisurely activities for some and travel for me and Fenris. I had taken a stone from the canyons i need to take back and Fenris wanted to see Elkiha and her son to their final resting place.* Olan and Virian were able to acquire a ship and enough elves to fill it…. The day we departed I wanted to tell Pike He was free to do what he wanted in Baston.* in return he told me he loved me?*

Meeting Iskamor: Faida
Hell's Hearth

Once we accomplished, with difficulty, vanquishing the demon, Thraldath, we started are long walk back to the city. It’s been a little over a month since I have joined the military and it is hard to believe we have already defeated a monster like that. It didn’t come without great risk though, Fenris has fallen multiple times and we had to use the flower to resurrect Alvis. I hope that we don’t have to face such a creature again but I am afraid we will, being the military. As we came to the river again Olan wished for Fenris and I to follow him away from Alvis.* As we approach the water there seems to be a figure standing there that is neither Olan or Virian. A woman with a odd face dressed in black.* Olan introduces her as his goddess Iskamor.** She speaks to us saying she wishes to share the truth with us/me and questions I have can be answered in Lina Fela.

The Crypt must be found

From what we know the Crypt, where Elkiha wishes to be taken and Thraldath is waiting, has to be in the salt flats. It is a long trip. One I hope we all make it back from. We traveled down the river like last time and then crossed it to the east. The salt Flats were desolate and quite unnerving the further we walked. The ground began to blacken as if it was sick and Alvis seemed to think so as well. The ground was cursed and would have to be cleansed. Not before long we could see the looming black pyramid. Isolated, as it was probably meant to be, it was a towering mass of ominous stone. There was a trick to enter and we tried many combinations before we gained entry. The walls were covered in more carvings depicting the King and Queen’s story. As we moved forward we came across many tricks and traps before we found a reprieve hidden in the walls. A statue of Florientia holding a white flower. Alvis seemed to know of the flower and it’s properties to bring you back from the dead. I think I remember one of the stories about a saint and a sun symbol but it never really interested me before now. It would definitely be reassuring to have with the impending battle.
Thraldath was waiting for us. He seemed to have been able to use Arabella’s body to hold Elkiha’s spirit. I wasn’t expecting to have to fight two enemies. we tried to use the room and it’s columns to our advantage but we eventually have to leave cover to engage him directly. I saw Virain use the same lightening I had used before and it seemed effective but he was in my way. I gritted my teeth and used the lightening anyway. He was able to absorb some of it?* Before long Virian and Olan had cornered the demon and slew it. Alvis laid life less on the ground and Virian had taken a lot of damage. We used the flower to bring our friend Alvis back to life and it worked. My heart lifted back into place as he took a deep breath. We were weary and took our time returning to the city.

The aftermath
We seek vengeance

Pike was able to save Collete but at a price. He was severely wounded and Collete had lost her memories. Alvis took this very hard.* We have seemed to lost many people in the fighting but for now it seems to be over here in the city. We now seek the same vengeance as Queen Elkiha.

Salt Flats or the Mountains?: Faida
Salt Flats

We decided our best bet would be the salt flats for the location of the ebony pyramid. This journey would be long but interesting I am sure. Everyone loves to travel through Hell’s Hearth. At least it seems our path leads us down the river. Virian was able to catch some more beast that he will now be able to morph into. Most of the travel was clam until we got to the salt flats. It seemed like a dust storm was headed our way so I levitated to try and get a better look. It was a sand storm headed straight for us, we did our best to take cover. It appeared we were not alone here. A creature of large size appeared. It had black feathers and a long neck, ghastly thing. Before we could be rid of the demon, it headed in the direction of Queen’s Reach. Unanimously we agreed that we had to follow this monster and help the city. With out rest we dashed back to the city to find it over run with all manners of undead. Even the children where afflicted and we had to do what must be done. We met up with Loras Pike’s* squad and decided we would split the city making our way the the castle. Loras would save Colete Rodger’s and we would save Arabella and the orphanage. If we had time, #fucktheCavinroughs. Arabella turned out to be creepier than I thought and the cause of the demon appearing. We moved on to the orphanage and before I could reach it I found a terrifying scene: a chain gang of undead children being lead down the street by a monster. My heart sank into my stomach and emotion over took me. I wanted it all to end so I braced myself and let go. I roaring beam of lightening shot from my hands and I hit them all. Fenris took the final blow to the undead monster whom lead the children. I am glad Tabitha did not see this, I don’t think her heart could bear it. She was safe and so was Allana. The church was busy keeping the district safe so we went on to the university. It was crawling from undead, presumably from the grave yard. We helped the professors while Nicola shot the undead from above. As we finished slaying the monstrosities and headed towards the Keep, the demon known as Thraldath appeared before us and froze us in place. We could not move or speak as this creature approached us. He challenged us and we accepted.


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