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  • Bard Songs

    [[Lord Mason the Dread, Lord Mason The Dead]] [[The Hymn of Saint Azrael]] [[Saintly Lessons]] [[The Necromancer (work in progress) | The Necromancer]] [[Jolly Sailor Bold]] [[The End of the World]] [[Between two Worlds]] [[Ode to Florentia]]

  • The Hymn of Saint Azrael

    p. I sing a song of the Sculptor's saint, Who was most brave and true, Who hunted down the devil's queen, For the Sculptor he loved and knew. p. He was a saint, he was a man, He was a father, was a fan, Of all the Sculptor's glory, The …

  • Saintly Lessons

    Florentia she taught us, to kiss and never tell. And Amalah she taught us, how to treat our children well. Lionne, she taught us, What it means to be brave. While Valerian, he taught us, How to keep out of the grave. But of all …