Tag: squad leader


  • Loras Pike

    *Appearance* Loras's natural attractiveness is marred by a perpetual scowl. His long hair is shaved on one side of his head, visibly as the result of some injury he took to it. A pair of long scars run down that side of his face.

  • Harwen Penetel

    *Appearance* Tall and painfully skinny. Her features are pinched on her thin face, her huge eyes always distant, as if drinking in her surroundings. Her head is shaved like many slaves, to better display the bird tattoo that perches on the back of her …

  • Asher Sherriden

    *Appearance* Asher is short and stocky, but his stride conveys the confidence of somebody who believes they are above everyone around them. Tasteful jeweled accents adorn him to always remind others of his wealth.

  • Rowan Sevrin

    A little older than many of the trainees in the Empire's army, Rowan is the leader of Swarm Squad, which formed a couple of years back after the rest of Rowan's previous squad was lost in unfortunate training accident in the bay involving a crazed recruit …