Time is tracked in years relative to the death of the Broken One. If there was any recorded history before this time, little of it remains. Hence this timeline will primarily cover the years starting with his death. As it is important to cover a few key moments slightly before this, the denotations of Rusvanyen, or Broken Years, and Tankenyen, or Mended Years, have been created. These can also be abbreviated as BY or MY. Note that years BY count down as time progresses, while years MY count up. This resulted in two back to back year 1’s.

As added reference, the monthly calendar is as follows:

  1. Palentine
  2. Bellikuss
  3. Lamflee
  4. Flocken
  5. Feysun
  6. Maskery
  7. Midsun
  8. Evenwoe
  9. Tallcrow
  10. Reaprot
  11. Elken
  12. Darken

Year 500BY

Saint Florentia and The Broken One are both brought into being, along with many other eladrin.

Year 1BY

The Broken One’s children are born late in the month of Darken.

Year 1MY

The Broken One and his children are killed on the first of Palentine, and Florentia, begins to scatter their ashes. The elves mark this day as Ailithre, and observe it as a day of mourning each year.

Year 200MY

The Pale Night occurs, and shortly after the last of the eladrin fade from the world.

Year 500MY

Plague strikes the empire, and Saint Valerian begins his journey to seek a cure.

Year 501MY

The plague ends, and Saint Valerian is briefly crowned as the only male Emperor in history before quickly succumbing to his martyr’s death.

Year 1000MY

Saint Amalah is born in Queen’s Reach.

Year 1233MY

The Coalition of Bastion is founded, looking for support in the founding of a new nation with anti-slavery principles.

Year 1248MY

The Kingdom of Bastion is founded.

Year 1250MY

The war with Yesteska begins.

Year 1255MY

Saint Caleah is drowned, and the war with Yesteska ends.

Year 1262MY

Saint Altes is imprisoned.

Year 1345MY

Warwick Halfhart is born in the city of Caleah.

Year 1373MY

The God Coast War begins.

Year 1374MY

Lionne holds the Eastern front and earns her sainthood.

Year 1375MY

The God Coast War is ended.

Year 1380MY

Warwick Halfhart is wed to Talvanna Goster of Lina’fela after being named Count of Southgate.

Year 1400MY

Mason and Mateya Halfhart are born in Southgate. Shortly after their mother is murdered.

Year 1425 MY

Saint Azrael begins the Halfhart Inquisition after the sudden death of Mason.

Year 1426MY

Mateya and Griel’s demon spawn is born in the month of Flocken.

Year 1436MY

Saint Azrael’s hunt ends, and Mateya Halfhart is slain.

Year 1450MY

Present Day.


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