Welcome to the Crusade!

The Wiki section is where I’ve dumped an unending amount of world-building info. I have hidden anything that is even vaguely plot related/spoilery, so feel free to peruse. Most of what you can access is general knowledge stuff, but do keep meta in mind as always. Just use good judgement based on your character’s experiences.

The characters section is currently chock full of NPCs. Some are people you’ll meet, some are historical figures, some are characters you’ve previously played. Again, feel free to poke around. Currently you should only be able to see characters you played/met in the previous game – these will serve as a nice refresher. As you meet other character in the world, I will unlock their pages. (Though some info about them may remain hidden until you learn more!) Also PLEASE – feel free to set up a page in this section for your player character when you’re ready!

Adventures of the Adamant Owlbears

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