Adventures of the Adamant Owlbears

Arriving at Caleah


So we arrived here at this…city. Peh, walled graveyard more like it. Met a few people after landing on the beach tho, a very strange elf, a women and a dwarf. They were suppose to be our “greeting party”, very insulting..i was pissed.
Oh, we did get to see a priest of Caleah, faida if you don’t remember. Says she saw faida before she died to her demon, poor girl. I am just glad she got to see a priest of the sculptor before she died. Tell you the truth…if she only would of listened to me, maybe even i dunno didnt brush off my advances, she would be here right now.
Anyways, so this city…They make it out like a big whoopie doo but they won’t even let us into the “peasant” part of it…peasant these people practice paid slavery! These dwarves are so stuck up, especially the one who met us at the beach, Tanon. We got into a bit of a fight, with his entitlement and not respecting me rank or maybe he was just very jealous of my talent. We are fine now, i totally bff’d him and his dad, Oh my gosh, i also talked to the women, Kikka davworth and got her dad, THE MAYOR on our side. You wouldn’t believe everything i am doing over here, im telling you its a+ work mom.
where was i, ah! We are winning the peasants hearts and doing some good here, the meeting went well with fenris acting as Count. He has shown true dedication to our cause and his level head has kept the peace. We are now helping them with “demon” problems, another mark on the chalkboard eh mom? Well, virion just got home and i think he wants to talk about how it went tonight..i hope he doesn’t try and cuddle again. BY the way! send money when you can, and when is my brother coming? He doesn’t get to just sit this out!
With all my kisses and prayers from the moon, i wish you a good journey.
Your loving son, Olan


elfskin_coat jluckstephens

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