Adventures of the Adamant Owlbears

Hair and feathers grow dark: Faida

Queen's Reach

After having some fun with everyone at The Empress we decided to stay the night. Pike and I in one room and the others… I guess figured it out. (I can’t remember if this was the night we met the fortune teller) I have an annoying habit of waking up before the sun but it isn’t bad some days. Today I got to see Pike sleep for a little before heading down stairs. As the others woke up and came downstairs they seemed to have had a rougher night than myself but I seem to be the only one physically altered by current events. My hair and feathers are darkening. this started a small side quest to figure out why. Mikas suggested “bird puberty” and i went under a ritual* to make sure I wasn’t possessed. Nothing was found.**


elfskin_coat meghandhalstead

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