Adventures of the Adamant Owlbears

Meeting Iskamor: Faida

Hell's Hearth

Once we accomplished, with difficulty, vanquishing the demon, Thraldath, we started are long walk back to the city. It’s been a little over a month since I have joined the military and it is hard to believe we have already defeated a monster like that. It didn’t come without great risk though, Fenris has fallen multiple times and we had to use the flower to resurrect Alvis. I hope that we don’t have to face such a creature again but I am afraid we will, being the military. As we came to the river again Olan wished for Fenris and I to follow him away from Alvis.* As we approach the water there seems to be a figure standing there that is neither Olan or Virian. A woman with a odd face dressed in black.* Olan introduces her as his goddess Iskamor.** She speaks to us saying she wishes to share the truth with us/me and questions I have can be answered in Lina Fela.


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