Adventures of the Adamant Owlbears

Recent Events

So as requested by Tannon I followed him to Pike’s beach to be the envoy of Caleah and escort them to the city.
Count Gostor : Count of Southgate
Lucian Askamar: Baron to Count Gostor, Commander ofthe Fangtakers
Olan Faerveren: Heir Count of Count Gostor of Southgate
Fenris Silversage: Fangtaker under Baron Askamar
Virion Malgath: Second to Heir Count Faerveren – I think

These are the most notable names I have met thus far. In my time with them I have learned that the three, Olan, Fenris and Virion, are familiar with the “saint” whom did visit Pike’s beach. I have confirmed that the woman in question left messages for the three. The priestess of Caleah on Pike’s beach did openly preach that she witnessed the fight of Saint Caleah and a demon. Upon defeating the demon the Saint Caleah was descended upon by her fellow Saints and taken back to the Heavens. From gauging the crowd most were intrigued by the saint and made offerings to the Saint statue. The questions standing are: Was this a true Saint? and what are her ties to the three men; Olan, Fenris and Virion. Two of them did read their letters, Virion how ever was blank.

Our return to the city was marred by undead. The bodies where filled with a worm like creature of which I have a sample upon request. After examining the corpses there insides ONLY consisted of the worms.

Olan is inquisitive about the state of the city and doesn’t seem to understand the nature of our situation. Virion stays closely to his side. Fenris seems to have accompanied his commander..

The Count openly talks about what might be heresy. I am not familiar with Elven culture and could be misunderstanding them. The count might not be who he appears to be. This is unconfirmed.


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