Brother Orazio

One of the hands of the High Mother of the Empire


Human male, around 30 years of age.


Tall and athletic, Orazio takes his role as a Hand of the Sculptor very seriously, following in the footsteps of Saint Azrael and taking an active role in law enforcement. His body bears several visible scars from altercations with the church’s foes, as well as tattoos of homage to the Sculptor and his saints.

He has a demeanor so serene it is almost surreal. You are unsure how such a man could ever raise his hand to someone. He shirks material pleasures, dressing, eating, and living simply in the confines of the church’s manor, though his high position could easily afford him more. He would have been promoted to father of his own church, but he is too enthralled in the work of a Sculptor’s Hand. He is so absorbed in his work and faith that he often seems to see divine omens in everything.

Brother Orazio

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