Adventures of the Adamant Owlbears

The aftermath
We seek vengeance

Pike was able to save Collete but at a price. He was severely wounded and Collete had lost her memories. Alvis took this very hard.* We have seemed to lost many people in the fighting but for now it seems to be over here in the city. We now seek the same vengeance as Queen Elkiha.

Salt Flats or the Mountains?: Faida
Salt Flats

We decided our best bet would be the salt flats for the location of the ebony pyramid. This journey would be long but interesting I am sure. Everyone loves to travel through Hell’s Hearth. At least it seems our path leads us down the river. Virian was able to catch some more beast that he will now be able to morph into. Most of the travel was clam until we got to the salt flats. It seemed like a dust storm was headed our way so I levitated to try and get a better look. It was a sand storm headed straight for us, we did our best to take cover. It appeared we were not alone here. A creature of large size appeared. It had black feathers and a long neck, ghastly thing. Before we could be rid of the demon, it headed in the direction of Queen’s Reach. Unanimously we agreed that we had to follow this monster and help the city. With out rest we dashed back to the city to find it over run with all manners of undead. Even the children where afflicted and we had to do what must be done. We met up with Loras Pike’s* squad and decided we would split the city making our way the the castle. Loras would save Colete Rodger’s and we would save Arabella and the orphanage. If we had time, #fucktheCavinroughs. Arabella turned out to be creepier than I thought and the cause of the demon appearing. We moved on to the orphanage and before I could reach it I found a terrifying scene: a chain gang of undead children being lead down the street by a monster. My heart sank into my stomach and emotion over took me. I wanted it all to end so I braced myself and let go. I roaring beam of lightening shot from my hands and I hit them all. Fenris took the final blow to the undead monster whom lead the children. I am glad Tabitha did not see this, I don’t think her heart could bear it. She was safe and so was Allana. The church was busy keeping the district safe so we went on to the university. It was crawling from undead, presumably from the grave yard. We helped the professors while Nicola shot the undead from above. As we finished slaying the monstrosities and headed towards the Keep, the demon known as Thraldath appeared before us and froze us in place. We could not move or speak as this creature approached us. He challenged us and we accepted.

Finding the lost crypt: Faida
Another bitch

Captain Rodgers seems to think we can handle ourselves and I kinda volunteered to return the Queen to her resting place, we set off to try and find the lost crypt. Our first and closest clue seems to lay within the canyons. We had some difficulties with local wild like which Virian seemed to get very excited about* and some old acquaintances of Alvis’s and Virian’s. Long story short they wishes to harm Alvis and turn Virian in to the Cavinrough’s? Alvis was able to get a good shot on Paxton as the rest of us took care of Cassidy and the grunts.* While Alvis didn’t want to chase after them Virian was very concerned about them threatening to turn him over to the Cavinroughs.** with the guidance from Fenris’s sword we were able to find what we were looking for. There was a giant Dragon carved into the side of the canyon wall and the ground was covered in black stones with names carved into them. I was able to use levitate to get to the mouth opening of the dragon. I tied of rope for the others to be able to climb up. we entered the door once we figured out the riddle and slid down a winding tunnel. At the end the walls were covered in carvings telling a story. Also, we were not alone in this room.

Ghost bitch: Faida
Let the adventure begin

Rodgers tasked us with excavating the caverns. We got some tools from Pruni and headed back to the caverns. This time we got to explore and take our time collecting the bodies from the caverns. There was a new opening this time so we figured we would venture into it because our orders were to collect as much as we could. As we turned a corner we found two armored skeletons standing in the hall. After we defeated these abominations we noticed they seemed to be standing guard in front of a door. We opened the door and noticed a ghost! Another aberration we have to take care of.* I was able to get the final blow on her, creepy bitch. We took our findings back to Pruni and Brother Orazio. One of our other tasks was to have a locket’s portrait restored. We entrusted this task to Arabella Olave, which she was able to accomplished successfully.** Pruni was able to determine that the portrait belonged to Queen Elkiah, the first queen. And through Brother Orazio’s magic we were able to determine that the child mummy was the son of the queen and the queen wished to have vengeance before being set in her final resting place.

Training: Faida
I am not a good team player

There already has been a few days of training and I don’t think I am cut out for this. During our siege weapon and team based training a few member of my squad fell into a cavern. Our captain, Steve Rodgers, made it clear that the caverns where probably not safe and to stay clear of them until he inspected them with a senior squad. Olan however found his curiosity to great and, to keep him from killing himself, we all went back to the cavern that night. We found my disturbing things like, old dead bodies, traps and even a mummy. A child mummy no less, whom decided it was going to try and eat Fenris’s face off. He had terrible wounds on his face but we defeated the creature and took what treasure was there. The next day Rodgers and his team were going to go to the cavern. We panicked because Rodgers would see that something disturbed the cavern.* When Rodger’s team returned, Tristan came to me saying that the Captain was mad and was going to make us all suffer unless the culprits came forward.* I told Tristan it was me who went to the caverns because of a dream I had. I thought I could take care of the threat before anyone got hurt. I shared this with my squad and they didn’t agree at first but when I explained that it was the easiest way to handle the situation so that Virian wouldn’t get into more trouble, they conceded. Fenris didn’t want me to take the brunt of the punishment alone, so he came with me. Olan found it appropriate to man handle me and “turn me in” even though he is the whole reason we are in this mess to begin with.* Rodgers was furious and he didn’t quite believe my story but we got away with it.**

Entering Queen's Reach Military : Faida
Out on my own for the first time

*I wanted to look my best for the first day but I also wanted to be careful, to not show anyone my shoulders. When I arrived there were many people already there. I noticed a good many elves, almost as many as humans, and there were half-elves. There was a clergy man here to, bleh. We were divided up into squads. I was placed with the clergy man, just my luck, a half-elf, a full elf, and a human. The half-elf and human were not from queen’s reach. Must to my dismay we were to begin training. I really should have read to paper work I signed….


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