Court of Bastion

For the safety of the country’s leadership, the kingdom’s court has moved from the dwarven halls of Ade’arna to the capital city of Caleah, as far from the war front as is possible. While not every member of the court has made their way there, some of the most important figures have gathered to treat with the incoming reinforcements. Normally under these circumstances court would be held at the Ducal Palace in Caleah… But the place seems strangely abandoned, and nobody seems willing to investigate further without offering the Duke a chance to step forward, or at least for a consensus to be reached among the rest of the court that further investigation is warranted. In the meantime, meetings are packed into the manor of the Countess of Orodum, which also resides in the city limits. Luckily the (extremely) young countess seems thrilled with all the company.

To further detail the court, it’s easiest to divide it by rank.



King Khursed Wulthrung

Also known as “Khursed the Black,” the king has the reputation of a very complicated man, one seemingly born with a storm cloud over his head. He is a great many things to different people. Those on his council say he is a man of good financial acumen, and trusting of his advisers. Those in the church might say he is a pious man, and charitable to those less fortunate around him. Others still might call him a coward, sending his wife to tend to the war front while he treats with foreign vassals hundreds of miles away.

Queen Sinmeare Wulthrung

Sinmeare has a much less complicated reputation than her husband does. She is a much more transparent figure, leading from the front, her battle scars plain for all to see. Some say she has been imbued by the holy spirit of Saint Azrael – she exemplifies his justice, zealotry, and physical prowess in equal measure. Presently she remains at the front and has not made the journey to court.

Dukes and Duchesses

Shari of House Ushil, Duchess of Nikaer


As Duchess of Nikaer, Shari is responsible for the lands north of Coal Creek. In light of recent events, she and all the vassals she could gather have fled their lands, and traveled southward for safety. While she represents everything one could find appealing in a young dwarven noblewoman: chastity, toughness, and a healthy appetite, it is difficult not to compare her to the former duke, her father. Some wonder if she can live up to his impressive reputation and legacy. Others still blame the loss of her lands on his sudden death. With her father having succumbed to illness five years prior, the duchess inherited at a much younger age than would have been preferred – and no doubt her inexperience has had a part to play in how events have unfolded.

Arafor of House Giken, Duke of Wuglim


House Giken has been utterly beset by scandal in the past generation – beginning with the unsubtle intrigues of the previous duke, Armmun “the Lecher.” Armmun was best known for his hand in all manner of petty intrigues, from infidelities to murder plots, and for consistently not having the brains to keep his mouth shut about them. There was therefore some measure of relief when he appeared to drink himself to death, leaving his title to his son Arafor. While a frail young man, Arafor at the least seemed to have a decent head on his shoulders. Unfortunately it was only a short time before a run in with the church seemed to send the entire house into hiding. Some wonder if there is any connection to the same heresy that had his vassal, the Count of Orodum, burned at the stake. For the moment at least, nobody knows where the Duke or any of his relations are.

Korsick of House Ber, Duke of Kadre


While the purview of the Duke of Kadre has traditionally been the entirety of Thornwall, recent history has seen that power stripped in all but name. The previous duke, Barren the Fourth, was not known for being particularly hands on in his leadership, but at least made a point of showing his face in his lands periodically, if only to maintain good relations with his vassals. Then the legend of Mateya the Maimed sprung out of his duchy, and feeling responsibility to crush it, he joined the company of Saint Azrael’s hunt. It was a mission that drove him to mad obsession, and eventually killed him. His son Korsick has, obviously, not maintained a firm hold on the house’s claims. He finds the people of Thornwall beneath him, and buries himself deeper and deeper in the culture and intrigues of the nobility, perhaps trying to compensate for the fact that his mother was a woman of low birth.

Elkhelyn of House Wulthrung, Duchess of Florumm

Elkhelyn is the daughter of the king and queen, making her both a princess and a duchess, as well as the heir apparent. Unlike the others of her station, she has remained in her lands for the time being, helping to manage forces and supplies headed through Grimkarag Keep. She has a reputation as a level headed, intelligent woman, who seems to prefer a more private existence, shunning the pomp and circumstance of the nobility.

Counts and Countesses

Dimitri of House Osod, Count of Darm


A vassal of the Duchess of Nikear, Dimitri fled his holdings in Sivwick along with his wife and seven children at her command. He insists, however, he would have preferred to stay and fight til his death rather than watch the city fall, and there is clearly a great deal of tension between the Count and the Duchess.

Adelyn of House Togal, Countess of Orodum


The life of the young countess has been one filled with tragedy, with both of her parents dying by the time she was five years of age. Her father, still a young man in his own right, was convicted of heresy by the church and subsequently burned at the stake. His death left Adelyn as the sole heir to the county. In the past year the girl’s mother also passed of a pox, and with no extended family to speak of, she was left orphaned in her manse. A member of the church has since been appointed as her regent and caretaker, by all accounts a likable bear of a man called Brother Branmin.

Bazibell of House Aroth, Countess of Yesteska


An old war hero, the countess won her lands with her own blood and blade, and has guarded them jealously since. She is generally isolated from court, but has made her way to Caleah to ensure her lands are defended from the elves landing on Bastion’s shores.

Court of Bastion

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