Lord Mason the Dread, Lord Mason The Dead

Gather now, and listen well,
To a wicked tale of woe,
How one disgraced holy man,
Made his sister his greatest foe.

Father Mason was his title,
But he fancied “lord” as well,
And it was precisely this ambition,
That lead him straight to Hell.

In a corner of the church,
On a dark night such as this,
Father Mason met a vampire,
And gave him a little kiss.

He was lord now!
Over darkness, bats, and lots of evil things,
Lord Mason the Dread is what they said,
He thought it had a nice ring.

The church, they knew no better,
But his sister, she was smart,
She knew that something sinister dwelled in his half a heart.

Their battle raged in total dark,
In a castle on a hill,
And while the dread lord’s sister watched,
She went in for the kill.

She split his head straight from his neck,
And put it in a sack,
And once the rest was all cleaned up,
Her lover had it as a snack.

So remember this lesson now,
If you value your head,
Remember all the steps it took,
To become Lord Mason the Dead.

Lord Mason the Dread, Lord Mason The Dead

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